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"I believe that entrepreneurs can change the world."

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"I believe that entrepreneurs can change the world."

Shaina Jones Magrone, Esq.



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Roughly 66% of startups survive their first two years in operation, and about half make it to the five-year point. Beat those odds by forming a partnership with your attorney that includes advice on monetizing your lifelong passion, modern ideas for strategic growth, and planning the course of action to create a long and healthy life – for you and your business.

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Intellectual property is quickly becoming the most valuable property in the world!  As a brand owner, you have specific rights to your intellectual property.  Let Artisan Law guide you through the process of registering, maintaining, and monetizing your intellectual property rights.

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The world looks different every day. Have you had time recently to think about your life and your role in it? How do your loved ones depend on you? How would your family change if something happened to you? 

Perhaps you’re one of the 77% of people who don’t have a will. Or the 94% who haven’t created an advance healthcare directive. And if you are, now is the time to take action. We are experiencing times we aren’t prepared for. But now that the curtain has been pulled back, this is an opportunity to plan for the legacy you want to leave for your loved ones.

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Family Immigration
We provide representation for family-based naturalization and immigration purposes. Family immigration is the primary basis for legal immigration into the United States. However, U. S. immigration law and enforcement policies are very restrictive and may specifically impact families and their ability to be together.

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Business Immigration
We know you want the best for your business, including the best talent! Your top job candidate may be someone who has all of the education, experience & qualifications you require…everything except the ability to legally work in the United States. Artisan Law can assist clients with immigration legal services, such as conducting due diligence and risk assessment for the employment and transfer of foreign employees.

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“Wow! I had an awesome experience working with Shaina. I worked with her to start my business. She helped me to refine my business name so that I had a really strong trademark and she got it registered. She also registered my business and guided me through her LIFT system so that I know my business is protected on all levels. I’m really happy with the work that was done.”
Francesca G.
“I worked with Shaina after I got remarried. My new wife and I have a blended family, we each have children from our first marriages. We knew that we wanted to create a plan for our new family for when we were gone. So, we went to Shaina for estate planning. She guided us through a difficult process, but we came out better for it. And, we love the Kids Protection Plan. We know our kids will be safe if anything happened to my wife and I unexpectedly.”
Will R.