As 2021 draws to a close, it's important to reflect on the purpose, community, and people that have brought us to where we are.

Maybe you can relate to this: the holidays and year’s end feel incomplete without taking time to reflect. Each step on a journey, each chapter of growth, would ring just a little hollow without closing your eyes and cherishing every person and moment. And that brings me to you.

This year has been both challenging and abundant for me as an entrepreneur. And yes, I’m proud of where I’ve climbed, what I’ve built, and obstacles that I’ve overcome. Creating a brand, and nurturing it to its full-fledged actualization is no easy task. It’s an undertaking that many of you know well. Are there times when you just want to quit? Absolutely. But looking back at a year of new accomplishments and reaching your full potential (so far!), and it breathes new life into your lungs.

I would, however, be doing an utter disservice if I didn’t take time to put a spotlight on the real purpose of this adventure: you.

Artisan Law’s existence isn’t just FOR people but BECAUSE of people. The community of friends, associates, supporters, and clients that I have connected with this year are my foundation.

Looking Ahead for Artisan Law

So what’s next for Artisan law?


Gratitude. A thankfulness for the companions that walk the walk with me, and an acknowledgement of every person that has believed in me.


Learning. Gleaning new insights from each other and sharpening each other. I have found that with every connection I make I find a completely fascinating soul with a wide array of passions, insights, ideas – each one a window that I’m privileged to see through.


Growth. Looking at 2022 as an opportunity not just for success, but to make the world a better place for the people I love. If you’ve read my recent blog article on Women’s Equality & the 19th Amendment you know that I’m a firm believer in the power of business owners – especially of black, women business owners – to change the game and the culture.


Entrepreneurs have an incredible opportunity to move the needle forward for greater equality. Let’s take it! I don’t want to waste any opportunity to fill seats at my table that will create launchpads for those with less opportunity. And I intend to foster more of this in 2022 than ever before.


What Are You Reflecting On?

What are your year-end thoughts? When you look back on 2021 – from business to your relationships, and everything in between – what are the things that stand out to you?


My hope for you is that you’ll be reminded of countless joys, milestones that you’re proud of, and people you’re grateful for. This may be a time to pour a glass of your favorite drink and share some memories with a loved one. Or it may be time for a reset, to gain a broader perspective, and a reassessment of your goals, purpose, and roadmap.


Whatever this December holds for you, my team and I wish you a blessed holiday season, a merry Christmas, and a happy New Year!